Walczak Provisions

Originally a Polish company, Walczak Provisions is a mobile veterinary organisation that specialises in livestock. If given a building to work from they will offer farming communities discount services, but they also have a subscription service where their mobile clinic will visit on a bi-monthly basis. When required they have mobile animal surgery units that can be driven to remove locations to support those who are functionally ‘off the grid’ A Mobile vet callout, complete with equipment, would cost approximately £200 as a one off appointment. The cost of any treatment and medication would then be added on a case by case basis.

When provided with a veterinary surgery the cost would be determined on the number of staff requested, ensuring they receive a wage based on the average for their role at the time (taking into account any specialisations required), and also equipment upkeep and medication costs depending on what was required. Medications and procedures come at the lowest possible prices based on the availability at the time.