Starting in fall of 2022, the Environmental Design Challenge will hold regional events throughout the UK. Winning companies will advance to the spring finals held at Imperial College London. In July, the winning company will proceed to the annual Youth Climate Conference at Imperial College London. The first ever Youth Climate Conference will be held over four days July 1 – 4,  2022. This event will be a unique opportunity for attendees. In order to attend, participants will not  have to compete the normal series of challenges. The documents created at the conference will be disseminated to government, industry and educational organisations. You can make a difference to the health and life of our planet.

Register your 4-12 member school or club team for the premiere Youth Environmental Conference July 1 to the 4th. ( … Continued below registration form)

Do you want to be part of the solution? Do you want to help save our planet from the calamitous effects of climate change?

Knowledge is power.

The Environmental Design Challenge is an ecology mitigation simulation, crafted for students aged 15-18. The EDC will duplicate the experience of working as a member of a team from within the ecology industry. Learners will draw up teams, elect officers and confer and cooperate to produce a viable solution to an environmental problem. The Challenge will conclude with the teams’ detailed slide presentations of their solutions to a panel of judges. The judges, including academics and experts in the field, are charged with choosing a winning team.


The following are examples of environmental issues to be solved:


  1. Reducing heat islands in cities;
  2. Conserving water in soon-to-be uninhabitable desert regions;
  3. Preventing wildfires in and near forested territories;
  4. Creating a future ocean-side city that averts flooding;
  5. Examining best practices in agriculture to prevent topsoil loss, floods & droughts;
  6. Protecting animals from global warming;
  7. Limiting human migration caused by climate change.


The Environmental Design Challenge—along with its ancillary programme, Eco Meet—hopes to accomplish the following:

  • Encourage student autonomy through self-directed learning;
  • Advance participants’ knowledge in the field of environmental science;
  • Hone attendees’ technical competence, management skills, knowledge of ecospheres and resources, appreciation for relationships between technical products and human use, teamwork and techniques for preparing effective documentation;
  • Prepare these youth to be attractive to future employers through practical experience in a multitude of fields;
  • Galvanise students to tackle the principal challenge of our century, thereby benefitting their immediate community, the larger world and themselves.

Imperial College London, Oxford University, Cambridge University and many others will provide faculty speakers and mentors. Volunteers and administrators from our Space Science Engineering Foundation and The Grantham Institute will implement the programmes.

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