Urban Dynamics

Urban dynamics LLC originated as a specialist in environmental design to sustain human health, with an emphasis on hospital designs that promoted efficiency, access to physical services and the most advanced psychology-based approaches to design. Urban dynamics soon appreciated that its passion for environmentally sustainable medical services had to encompass much more than hospitals and GP medical centres: it needed to look at ways in which humans are affected by their environment, to remove bad impacts and promote good impacts. Urban dynamics now has a variety of departments: its medical facilities design department is still strong but has expanded to include small local healthy-environment design solutions (such as treeshaded streets which reduce heat stress on everyone and create community spaces for neighbourliness). But it also has strong tech-based departments finding solutions for food supply/shopping/access; water/waste/hygienic systems design; retrofitting homes to be sustainable and better amenity; using AI to assist the elderly to stay in their homes; designing commercially viable schemes to enable elderly people with large homes to share with young families seeking to buy homes (business solutions). Urban dynamics ‘s philosophy is that humans need to shield nature from human-caused degradation of the environment; and that humans need to be shielded from harm.