Glacier Industries

Glacier industries are a mass producer of acrylic glass replacement sheeting. Acrylic glass is roughly 30 times stronger than glass and is a lot lighter, making it easier to handle. It allows the transmission of more light than regular glass and can be just as thermally insulating, making it an extremely desirable replacement for glass. It is also possibly much cheaper than glass inherently and can be cheaper still depending on location of the supplier in relation to the site, eco friendly and is already being adopted by many construction companies as an alternative for glass panels. This material is available in two types: extruded and cast acrylic. The extruded type is cheaper but breaks quickly if you work it. The cast type has far fewer internal stresses and is easier to machine. If you want to work *the sheet or use it intensively, it is therefore important that you choose cast acrylic. Cast acrylic sheets are priced around £55 for a M² of 4mm thick sheeting (inc VAT) or £70 for 5mm thick. They can also produce tinted sheets at £20 extra added to the base rate.