Gaia Maathai

A greenspace mental health consultancy. Their mission is to persuade people to go for a walk as this is something that’s been studied extensively and proven to support someone’s mental health. In cases of depression going for regular outdoor walks in greenspaces has been proven to be more effective than medication in many cases. They provide a package of services to promote the concept to schools, hospitals, GP’s, police mental health liaison teams, social workers etc. They provide expert support, not only teaching people techniques to get outdoors, but also help other societies and organisations develop social team building exercises, and casual social walks in the great outdoors. They also teach people how to maintain their outdoor spaces, be them personal or public in such a way that everyone can benefit.

Gaia Maathai have plans which cover 60 minute personal sessions for £40, 60 minute family sessions for £60 or multi person half day seminars for £500.