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Use of a Modular Ecology system requires that two crew members be trained to work the farm for three hours per day on average, mostly to harvest food for each day’s meals from chicken-based (eggs) or agricultural systems. These deliver grains, vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs. The systems require the availability of maintenance to repair machines, replenish water and nutrients as well as replacing crops which have died and introduce new animals. Automatic egg ‘roll away’ nesting boxes ensure that chickens can be housed free range with access to laying sheds which will automatically collect and store eggs to prevent soiling or damage. Greenhouse setups have automatic watering and light systems which can alert the maintenance staff if there’s an issue, or alert the staff to  the need for harvesting. Such barn and greenhouse setups cost around £25 per square foot. Meaning a 500 ft squared greenhouse would cost roughly £12,500 to set up. Adding the automated systems depends on what is required, however to add automated gantry robots for harvesting, planting and other activities, you would be set back around £50,000 per robot. You would require 1 robot, per task, per 500 ft greenhouse.