Earth Works Alliance

Earth Works Alliance (EWA) has grown out of a venture capitalist firm which specialised in helping environmental entrepreneurs to develop their technical solutions, systems solutions or processes for helping to design better communities. As business specialists, EWA always saw the need to keep the economic sustainability of new designs and environmental solutions in mind. EWA became a prime design contractor after two of the entrepreneurs launched IPOs (initial public offerings) that were valued at over £1billion. EWA remains a keen backer of new ventures but saw a clear benefit in being able to brings its expert eye to bear on designing communities that take advantage of the solutions that are out there. EWA’s founders share a strong affinity with the founders of Davinci Green Horizons but have a different emphasis: EWA tends to look at the overall business or economic benefits that are needed and work backwards to find the environmental tech, systems, processes, products, materials or inventions that can serve the idea. Systemic economic developments are their passion: joining up all the different parts of a community, to create a bigger, greater environmental improvement whilst stimulating economic sustainability.