Green Horizons PLC started from a group of environmental engineers and scientists who shared a passion for recognising and using the technical solutions that already exist for Green-build. Green-build is environmentally sustainable built environments. The founders saw many technical solutions were being invented by entrepreneurs but were ignored by major design firms, and their aim was to bring the many good ideas to the attention of these big firms. This led to Green Horizon developing a profile as a firm of designers who assist other design firms: their ethos is collaboration, communication, critical assessment, and creative use of products/processes. Green Horizon employs a wider variety of engineers, scientists, and systems specialists. They have a strong focus on improving structures (materials selection for thermal efficiency, low-energy, water-friendly, air-friendly) and on improving settlement masterplanning (transport connections, shade for microclimates, economy viability). Green Horizon now employs 500 people spread across many departments.

Green Horizons PLC is a spin-off company from Davinci Meccanica, an Italian space exploration company which specialises in humanising ecologically responsible space exploration. The Green Horizon mission statement requires all of its future developments to be carbon negative and to contribute towards repairing the Earth’s environment, rather than simply avoiding further damage: this led to the development of innovative recycling techniques and the repurposing of waste products into valuable new resources.