Atlantis Trust

This prime contractor began as a specialist in ‘blue environmental’ issues relating to water.  Starting with specialists who looked at water aquifers sustainability and protection, they expanded into looking at water surface run-off, flood prediction and the re-establishment of ‘water meadows’ to protect and de-intensify river flood impacts on rural towns.  With the rise of attention to oceans and plastic pollution, they expanded their design consultancy into areas of water purity, water filtration, and water security (assurance of a continuous supply of drinking water), With their expansion into water security, Atlantis Trust has built a reputation for looking at water as part of a blue-green system of water-land environmental joined-up systems. Their design work now covers cities with opportunities for waterless solutions to commercial bathrooms; capture of roof-water and re-use of ‘grey water’ in commercial and domestic settings. Atlantis Trust is a strong consumer of earth-observation data to monitor the impacts of their work and to identify new problems/opportunities for water environmental solutions. Atlantis Trust employs a large contingent of business and design specialists who never forget that, for a water solution to be sustainable, it must pay attention not only to water science and engineering but also water economics.