Our Space Science Engineering & Environmental Foundation ascribes to Jean Piaget’s theory of learning and development. Simply put, humans create knowledge and give meaning to that knowledge through an educational process of experiencing and interacting. 

Our aim has been to  support independence, develop team-working skills, promote creativity and individuality, enhance educational achievement and widen educational horizons. From their inception, therefore, all our programmes have been project-based.

We who have developed the Environmental Design Challenge, Eco Meet and the Youth Climate Conference firmly believe that students learn by doing.  Through participation in our events, they will experience autonomy through self-directed learning.  These youth will thereby gain confidence and belief in their proper ideas.

Among peers, they will become versed at problem-solving and creating, listening and speaking, leading and working as members of a team.  Through this collaborative process, they will gain exposure to a variety of individual perspectives.

As per adherence to our philosophy of education, the EDC and its ancillary programmes will be hands-on student-run challenges. Adults in the competitions refrain from ‘teaching’. Rather, they act only as gentle mentors.

The young people involved with these programmes can thrill to the formulation and subsequent presentation of their unique ideas. In other words, these students will learn how much they already know.