The Environmental Design Challenge offers many benefits to its participants.  These simulations were designed to give students an insight into the real world of business and industry. Employers have often complained that students leave school and college without having mastered the attributes that would make them useful employees. To that purpose, the SSEF’s programmes show students how important it is to be able to work in a team, solve problems, work to deadlines, keep within budgets and communicate effectively.

The environmental-based projects of the EDC, Eco Meet and the Youth Climate Conference aim to contribute to the knowledge of the Earth’s ecology as well as to promote sensitivity to the perils of our planet’s existence.


Past students bear testament to the success of our programmes. Besides achieving a host of specific learning objectives, pupils gain other personal benefits. These include increased confidence, awareness of their own strengths, an understanding of other people, a feeling of competence, and a sense of responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Above all, they have fun.

Amazing how all this happens in the space of a few short hours!